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Lavrov: Western bloc headed by Washington rejects UN principle that all states are equal (2 video En, Ru)

The US-led Western block rejects the principle of the equality of sovereign states secured by the UN Charter while advocating democracy in the international arena, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressing the UNGA.
"The US-led Western alliance, while acting as an advocate of democracy, rule of law and human rights in individual countries, is acting in the international arena from the opposite position, rejecting the democratic principle of the sovereign right of states enshrined in the UN Charter and trying to decide for others what is good and what is bad," Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Saturday.

The Russian foreign minister elaborated that there was an “increasingly obvious contradiction between the need for collective action by partners to produce proper responses to common challenges and some countries' drive for dominance and revival of the archaic bloc mentality based on barrack-like discipline and flawed 'us and them' logic".
Lavrov added that Russia was willing to compromise and ready to balance interests only based on mutual respect and if the dialogue is “honest, respectful and equal”.
According to the minister the “policy of ultimatums, the philosophy of superiority and domination” run counter to the needs of the 21st century, including the formation of a “polycentric and democratic world order”.
Lavrov stressed that the creation of new dividing lines is unacceptable in Europe saying that “no one has a monopoly on the truth” and no one can customize global and regional processes to “suit their needs."
Joint efforts can only be built on the principles of mutual respect and mutual consideration of interests, as it is done in the framework of BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), G20 or the UN Security Council, said Lavrov..........................http://rt.com/news/191216-lavrov-us-rejects-principle/


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  1. Lavrov says crisis in Ukraine can be resolved with good will...

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Saturday said good will and denial of support to the “party of war” in Kiev were the key to resolving the crisis in Ukraine.

    “We are convinced that in the presence of good will and denial of support to the ‘party of war’ in Kiev which is trying to push the Ukrainian people into the abyss of national catastrophe the way out of crisis is within our reach,” he said at the 69th session of the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

    “The way to overcoming the crisis has been opened with the achievement of the ceasefire agreement in the South-Eastern Ukraine on the basis of initiatives by Presidents Pyotr Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin. With the participation of the representatives of Kiev, Donetsk, Lugansk, OSCE and Russia, practical measures are being agreed upon successive implementation of this understanding, including the separation of the parties to the conflict, pull back of heavy weapons of the Ukrainian army and militia forces, setting up monitoring trough the OSCE and preparation for elections in the South-East,” he said.

    Lavrov reiterated that Russia was ready to continue to actively promote the political settlement.

    “However, it should be crystal clear that we are doing this for the sake of peace, tranquillity and wellbeing of the Ukrainian people rather than for catering to someone's ambitions,” he said.

    “The attempts to put on pressure on Russia and to compel it to abandon its values, truth and justice have no prospects whatsoever,” Lavrov stressed.

  2. West Unwilling to Cooperate With Russia on ‘Undivided Security’ Zone: Lavrov...

    UNITED NATIONS, September 27 (RIA Novosti) — Western partners have consistently avoided cooperating with Russia on the creation of the "undivided security" zone from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

    "Western partners have ignored our numerous warnings concerning the inadmissibility of breaking the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act principles, consistently evaded proper collaboration on creating a zone of equal and undivided security and cooperation in the area from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans," Lavrov said.

    "We were told that legally binding security guarantees could only be given to the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which at the time continued to expand into the east, despite promising the opposite," the minister added.

    "NATO's immediate switch to hostile position, to reducing its cooperation with Russia, hurting the West's own interests, to increasing its military presence near Russian borders, has revealed the alliance's inability to change its genetic code, asserted during the Cold War," Lavrov said.

  3. Lavrov: l'Occident et les USA violent le principe de l'égalité des Etats...

    Les pays occidentaux dirigés par les Etats-Unis ont rejeté le principe de l'égalité des Etats, inscrit dans la Charte des Nations Unies,a déclaré le ministre russe des Affaires étrangères Sergueï Lavrov.

    Selon M. Lavrov, Washington a déclaré ouvertement son droit d'utiliser unilatéralement la force militaire pour défendre ses propres intérêts.

    M. Lavrov a rappelé le bombardement de la Yougoslavie, l'invasion de l'Irak, l'attaque contre la Libye. Le ministre russe est convaincu qu’une agression contre la Syrie en 2013 a été empêchée seulement grâce aux efforts diplomatiques actifs.
    Lire la suite: http://french.ruvr.ru/news/2014_09_27/Lavrov-lOccident-et-les-USA-violent-le-principe-de-legalite-des-Etats-6921/

    1. Lavrov: US Disregards UN Principle of Equality of States in World...

      While defending democracy and human rights, the United States disregards the principle of the equality of states around the world, as stipulated in the UN Charter, and makes decisions for other countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday.

      "Western alliance led by the United States, while defending democracy and human rights, on the global arena assumes an opposite stance, disregarding the principle of the sovereign equality of states, as stipulated in the UN Charter, and trying to decide for others what is good and what is bad," Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly.

      "The contradiction between the need of collaborative efforts to work out adequate responses to common challenges and the urge of certain countries to dominate, to revive the outdated bloc mindset based on military discipline and distorted "friend or foe" worldview, is becoming clearer," the minister added.

    2. Lavrov dichiara la violazione del principio della parità di Stati dall’Occidente...

      I Paesi occidentali guidati dagli USA rifiutano il principio della parità di Stati, stabilito nella Carta delle Nazioni Unite, ha dichiarato il ministro degli Esteri russo Sergej Lavrov.

      Washington ha dichiarato apertamente il suo diritto unilaterale ad usare la forza militare per difendere i propri interessi.

      Lavrov ha ricordato i bombardamenti della NATO in Jugoslavia, l'invasione in Iraq, l'attacco alla Libia. Solo grazie agli intensi sforzi diplomatici è stata impedita l'aggressione contro la Siria nel 2013, ha detto il capo della diplomazia russa.
      Per saperne di più: http://italian.ruvr.ru/news/2014_09_27/Lavrov-dichiara-la-violazione-del-principio-della-parita-di-Stati-dall-Occidente-6389/

    3. EEUU descarta el principio de la ONU sobre igualdad de Estados, dice Lavrov...

      Occidente, liderado por EEUU, que aboga por la democracia y los Derechos Humanos, renuncia a nivel internacional al principio de igualdad de Estados fijado en la Carta de la ONU y decide por otros países, declaró el ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de Rusia, Serguéi Lavrov ante la Asamblea General de la ONU.

      "La Alianza, liderada por EEUU, aboga por la democracia, la supremacía de la ley y los Derechos Humanos dentro de varios países pero actúa de manera contraria a nivel internacional renunciando al principio democrático fijado en la Carta de la ONU sobre la igualdad de Estados soberanos y tratando de decidir por otros países qué es lo bueno y qué es lo malo", subrayó Lavrov.

      Agregó que "se hace patente cada vez más la contradicción entre la necesidad de acciones colectivas y de cooperación para elaborar respuestas adecuadas a los desafíos comunes y la aspiración de varios países a dominar, a resucitar la mentalidad arcaica basada en una disciplina de cuartel y una lógica defectuosa 'suyo-ajeno'".

    4. Lavrov: EE.UU. usa la fuerza militar de forma unilateral en aras de sus intereses...

      Durante su intervención en la 69ª Asamblea General de la ONU, el canciller ruso, Serguéi Lavrov, ha denunciado la postura de la alianza occidental liderada por EE.UU., consistente en decidir por todos lo que está bien y lo que está mal.

      El jefe de la diplomacia rusa se refirió a la costumbre de Washington de "utilizar la fuerza militar de forma unilateral en cualquier lugar para defender sus propios intereses". "La intervención militar se ha convertido en la norma", agregó, recordando que eso es así pese a que todas las operaciones militares libradas por EE.UU. acaban con un "resultado deplorable".

      Lavrov subrayó que "el propósito de las diferentes 'revoluciones de color' y de otros proyectos destinados a cambiar regímenes indeseables es provocar el caos y la inestabilidad"....................http://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/view/141597-rusia-lavrov-onu-eeuu-ucrania?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=actualidad

  4. Russia wants authentic information on the status and condition of chemical arsenals in Syria, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Thursday as he addressed the UN General Assembly session...

    “[…]on the issue of chemical weapons we would like to obtain authentic information on the condition of chemical arsenals in Libya,” he said.

    “We understand that our NATO colleagues after they bombed out this country in violation of a UNSG Resolution would not like to "stir up" the mayhem they created,” Lavrov said.

    “However, the problem of uncontrolled Libyan chemical arsenals is too serious to turn a blind eye on it,” he said. “The UN Secretary General has an obligation to show his responsibility on the issue as well.

    1. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia wanted to see the information on the state of chemical weapons in Libya....

      "By the way, speaking of chemical weapons, we would like to see truthful information about the state of chemical arsenal in Libya," Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

      "We understand that our colleagues in NATO, having mutilated the country in violation of the UN Security Council resolution, would rather not touch the mayhem they have created, but the issue of uncontrolled Libyan chemical arsenal is too serious to turn a blind eye to it," he added.

  5. Lavrov dice que EEUU y la UE justifican acciones de las autoridades de Kiev...

    Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea justifican indistintamente todas las acciones de las autoridades de Kiev, declaró el ministro de Exteriores de Rusia, Serguéi Lavrov.

    "EEUU y la UE apoyaron el golpe de Estado en Ucrania y justifican indistintamente todas las acciones de las autoproclamadas autoridades de Kiev que optaron por someter a la fuerza la parte del pueblo ucraniano que rechazó los intentos de imponer a todo el país normas que se contradicen con la Constitución y quiso luchar por su derecho de usar su idioma y de tener su cultura y su historia", indicó ante la Asamblea General de la ONU.

    Subrayó que "precisamente el ataque agresivo contra estos derechos obligó a los ciudadanos de Crimea a tomar entre sus manos su destino y optar por la autodeterminación".

    "Ha sido una elección absolutamente libre digan lo que digan aquellos que en primer lugar cargan con la responsabilidad por el conflicto interior en Ucrania", dijo.

    La República de Crimea y la ciudad de Sebastopol se separaron de Ucrania y se incorporaron a Rusia tras celebrar el 16 de marzo un referéndum en el que más del 96% de los votantes avalaron esta decisión...........................http://sp.ria.ru/international/20140927/162114282.html

  6. Lavrov esorta a non tirare per le lunghe l'indagine sullo schianto del Boeing...

    Le indagini sullo schianto del Boeing malese in Ucraina va per le lunghe e ciò è contrario alla risoluzione del Consiglio di Sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite, ha dichiarato il ministro degli Esteri Sergej Lavrov.

    Ha anche messo in evidenza che i tentativi di distorcere la verità, nascondere i fatti dietro le accuse infondate sono stati effettuati in tutte le fasi della crisi ucraina. Lavrov ha sottolineato che non si fa nulla per l'identificazione e la punizione dei responsabili degli eventi sanguinosi del mese di febbraio su piazza Maidan, dell’omicidio di massa ad Odessa, a Mariupol e in altre regioni dell'Ucraina.

    Il ministro ha detto che viene deliberatamente declassato il terribile disastro umanitario causato dalle azioni dell'esercito ucraino nel sud-est del Paese. E ha ricordato i nuovi terrificanti fatti: le scoperte delle fosse comuni nei pressi di Donetsk.
    Per saperne di più: http://italian.ruvr.ru/news/2014_09_27/Lavrov-esorta-a-non-tirare-per-le-lunghe-lindagine-sullo-schianto-del-Boeing-4982/

    1. L’enquête sur le crash du Boeing malaisien en Ukraine a traîné, ce qui contredit la résolution du Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies, a déclaré le ministre russe des Affaires étrangères Sergueï Lavrov....

      Lavrov a également noté que les tentatives visant à déformer la vérité et cacher les faits à l’aide des allégations dénouées de fondement avaient été entreprises lors de tous les stades de la crise ukrainienne.

      Lavrov a souligné que rien n'avait été fait pour l'établissement et la punition des coupables des événements sanglants de février sur le Maïdan, et du massacre à Odessa, à Marioupol et dans d'autres régions de l'Ukraine.

      Le ministre russe a noté que l’échelle de la catastrophe humanitaire épouvantable, causée par les actions de l'armée ukrainienne dans le Sud-est du pays, était délibérément minimisée. Lavrov a rappelé les nouveaux faits terrifiants concernant la découverte des charniers près de Donetsk.
      Lire la suite: http://french.ruvr.ru/news/2014_09_27/Lavrov-appelle-a-ne-pas-faire-trainer-lenquete-sur-laccident-du-Boeing-7357/

  7. Russia suggests adopting a UN General Assembly declaration on nonrecognition of a coup as a way to change the regime in a country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly on Saturday....

    "Why not adopt a General Assembly declaration on the inadmissibility of interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states and the nonrecognition of a coup as a means to change regime?" Lavrov said.

    "It is time to eliminate completely from international communication attempts of some states to illegally put pressure on other countries," he added.

    The minister noted that in 1933 the US government demanded guarantees from Moscow that it would not interfere with the US internal affairs and attempt to change political and social system of the United States.

    "Back then, Washington was afraid of the revolution virus, and such guarantees were granted on a reciprocal basis. Perhaps, it is worth reviving those guarantees and spreading the US demands from that time universally," Lavrov said.

  8. Lawrow: "Westen hat Ukraine-Putsch unterstützt"....

    Rede vor der UNO: Der russische Außenminister attackierte den Westen scharf....

    Russlands Außenminister Sergej Lawrow hat den Westen vor den Vereinten Nationen scharf angegriffen und Arroganz vorgeworfen. "EU und NATO belügen sich selbst als angebliche Hüter der Demokratie", sagte Lawrow am Samstag vor der UN-Vollversammlung in New York. Während Russland militärische Gewalt ablehne, sei sie im Westen zur Normalität geworden. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Rednern, die zumeist eine ganze Reihe von Themen ansprachen, konzentrierte sich Lawrow fast ausschließlich auf seine Angriffe gegen den Westen.
    Ukraine als "Opfer des Westens"

    "Die Ukraine ist Opfer dieser arroganten Politik der USA und der EU geworden", sagte Lawrow. Der Westen habe "den Putsch" unterstützt. "Die neuen Machthaber in Kiew haben Gewalt gegen die eingesetzt, die nur ihre Kultur und Sprache verteidigen wollten." USA und EU versuchten, die Kontrolle über ein größeres geopolitisches Areal zu bekommen. "Sie verletzen dabei die UN-Charta und das Übereinkommen von Helsinki.".................http://kurier.at/politik/ausland/un-rede-von-lawrow-westen-hat-ukraine-putsch-unterstuetzt/88.074.789


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