Friday, November 15, 2013

Hellenic MoFA: Announcement on the 30th anniversary of the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state in Cyprus (15 November 2013)

Friday, 15 November 2013
Thirty years have now passed since the illegal unilateral declaration of the pseudo-state, on 15 November 1983, in the Turkish-occupied territory of Cyprus.

The illegal pseudo-state is a product of the use of violence and has repeatedly been condemned by the United Nations Security Council.

The international community, with the exception of Turkey, respects the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus, reaffirming at every opportunity that it considers the pseudo-state’s declaration legally void, while neither recognizing, facilitating nor assisting the pseudo-state in any way.

There is only one state that systematically disregards the UN Resolutions on the Cyprus issue, persisting in its insupportable and extremely offensive stance on an “independent TRNC,” pursuing in vain, throughout these years, the international upgrading of the illegal pseudo-state.

This provocative persistence in violating international law complicates the Cyprus problem and in the final analysis hurts the Turkish Cypriot community itself.

We call on Turkey to revise its positions and at long last respect the Resolutions of the Security Council and the international community; we call on Turkey to cease to hold an entire people hostage.

Greece will continue to work continuously and responsibly toward the restoration of international law and order and toward the reunification of Cyprus. The Resolutions of the Security Council and Cyprus’ membership in the European Union determine the basis and content of a comprehensive and mutually acceptable solution.

Greece will never accept the Turkish invasion and occupation as an accomplished fact.

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