Friday, October 31, 2014

EU Should Reflect on Its Role in ‘Aggravating’ Ukraine Crisis. (European “double standards”)

EDINBURGH, October 31  - Europe should reflect on the crisis in Ukraine and the part played by the European Union and NATO in "aggravating matters", John Finnie, a Member of the Scottish Parliament, told RIA Novosti Friday.

"Perhaps rather than reject outright the aspirations of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine for greater representation, the EU should try and understand how that situation developed and, more importantly, reflect of the part that the EU and NATO played in aggravating matters," Finnie said.

"I abhor violence from whatever quarter. I also consider the casual, and increasingly routine, threat of sanctions counterproductive," he stated.

Speaking about the upcoming vote in Catalonia, Finnie wished the citizens every success and stressed that Madrid has long been neglecting the demands of Catalans.

"I wish Catalans every success in their rightful bid for nationhood," Finnie said. "They face an aggressive, centralist Madrid regime which has long record of disregarding the legitimate aspirations of not only Catalans but also Basques. The EU must stop supporting the status quo when that is to the detriment of those marginalized by ethnicity or geography," he added.

On November 9, voters in the Spanish region of Catalonia will take part in a referendum on self-determination, which the Spanish Government has already dismissed as "illegitimate".

Finnie told RIA Novosti that the EU reaction and that of EU member Governments to legitimate demands for independence was more evidence of European “double standards”.

  • "An example of the EU's double standards is their reaction to the democratic vote of the people of Gaza, first calling for free and democratic elections then crying 'foul' because they didn't like the result," Finnie stressed.
(RIA Novosti)

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