Thursday, January 22, 2015

NATO Wants to ’Re-establish Communication’ with Russia’s Military

NATO's top official has announced plans to re-establish contact with Russian military leaders after months of tensions, calling the relations "important".
"We have talked an awful lot about how we re-establish communication and the fact that the communication with our senior military interlocutors in Russia is important," NATO's General Philip Breedlove, who also serves as the Commander of the US European Command, said on Thursday as quoted by Reuters.

Correspondence between the military heads have been tense over Ukrainian crisis. However, according to Breedlove, he has had conversations with General Valery Gerasimov, chief of the general staff of Russia's armed forces, in 2014, even with the relations strained.

"We are going to re-establish that, we have talked among several of us senior military leaders how we will do that ... but yes, we are going to re-establish communication with Valery [Gerasimov]," he said.



  1. NATO has detected signs of heightened Russian involvement in fighting in parts of eastern Ukraine, the alliance's top military commander said on Thursday...

    US Air Force General Philip Breedlove, NATO's supreme allied commander Europe, said fighting in the pro-Russian separatist uprising was now more intense in some places than it was before September's Minsk ceasefire agreement.

    Breedlove told a news conference after a meeting of NATO defence chiefs that military leaders would try to re-establish contact with their Russian counterparts, broken off amid tensions over Ukraine.

    Russia denies deploying troops in eastern Ukraine, where more than 4,800 people have been killed since a pro-Russian rebellion broke out soon after Moscow annexed Crimea in March. It also rejects accusations it is supplying arms.

    "The situation along the line of contact in Ukraine is not good. The fighting has intensified to essentially pre-agreement or pre-standdown levels and in some cases beyond," Breedlove said.

    Following that accord, NATO said Russia had pulled back some of the troops it had inside Ukraine supporting pro-Russian separatists; but in recent days, Ukraine has said there has again been an increase of Russian forces in the country.

    Breedlove said he could not confirm Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's estimate of 9,000 Russian troops in eastern Ukraine.

    "What we do see is that the Russian-backed forces have renewed capability now to bring pressure on the Ukrainian forces and have in several places moved the line of contact to the west and this is concerning," he said.......................

  2. Nato-Chef in Europa nimmt Kontakt zu Russlands Generalstabschef wieder auf ...

    Der Oberbefehlshaber der Nato-Streitkräfte in Europa, US-General Philip Breedlove, hat vor Journalisten erklärt, die Kommunikation mit dem Chef des Generalstabes der Russischen Föderation, General Valeri Gerassimow, wiederaufnehmen zu wollen.

    „Ja, wir haben viel davon gesprochen, wie wir die Kommunikation wieder aufnehmen könnten; Verbindungen mit hochrangigen Militärvertretern in Russland sind sehr wichtig. Meine Kommunikationslinie stand offen, ich sprach selbst nach der Intervention in die Krim noch mit dem General. Wir planen, dies wiederaufzunehmen, wir haben hier mit einigen hochrangigen Kommandeuren darüber gesprochen. Ja, wir planen die Kommunikation mit Valeri wieder aufzunehmen“, sagte Breedlove vor Journalisten.

  3. Re-establishment of NATO communication with Russian military leaders is not defined by any time frames at the moment despite announcements that NATO intends to restore communication with its Russian counterparts, NATO military spokesperson Colonel Martin Downie told Sputnik on Friday...

    “No time line has been set for this communication to move forward,” Downie said...............


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