Saturday, February 7, 2015

United Arab Emirates (UAE) likely to resume fights in US-led coalition against IS soon (US)

The United Arab Emirates is likely to resume air missions as part of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in the coming days, a senior US official said on Friday after top American diplomat John Kerry met with Gulf ministers...

The UAE had suspended flights after the brutal murder of a Jordanian pilot by the jihadists, but "there was a considerable outrage around the table about what had happened to the pilot" and the UAE told Kerry that they "would resume (flights) in a couple of days," the official told reporters in Munich.

The UAE had also "reaffirmed its commitment to the coalition" brought together by the United States to try to defeat the militants who have taken over a swathe of territory in Iraq and Syria.

Another US official said that among all the Gulf countries the pilot's brutal immolation by IS "has been a unifying event doubling their resolve to take the fight to Daesh", using the militant group's Arabic name. 



  1. The United Arab Emirates has said it is sending F-16 fighters to Jordan to support the country's airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) militants...

    Jordan has pledged retaliation against IS after the group posted a video of a Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.

    The UAE stopped taking part in coalition airstrikes against IS after Moaz al-Kasasbeh was seized last year.

    It is not clear if the UAE squadron will be carrying out raids on IS from Jordan..................

  2. A Jordanian army source said the United Arab Emirates were sending a squadron of F16 jet fighters that would be based in the kingdom, helping intensify air strikes against Islamic State to avenge the death of its pilot...

    "They will be based in Jordan. This is a big boost and will be helping our brothers shorten their flying distances and intensify strikes against the militants from Jordan," an army source told Reuters on condition of anonymity.


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