Saturday, March 21, 2015

China, Japan, ROK FMs to discuss trilateral summit

The foreign ministers of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) will discuss a meeting between the leaders of the three countries, a spokesman said on Friday.

"The foreign ministers will exchange views on a leaders' meeting," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said, adding that "right political atmosphere is needed for the summit."

The foreign ministers will meet in Seoul on Saturday, for the first time after a three-way meeting in April 2012.

"The historical issue, a major obstacle to the three countries' relationship in the past few years, is also a major reason for the suspension of high-level meetings," Hong said.

Hong Lei called on the foreign ministers to have "candid exchanges" on historical issue to improve bilateral relations between relevant countries.

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  1. South Korea, Japan, China Hope to Break the Ice at First Meeting in 3 Years

    The foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea will hold their first meeting in three years on Saturday aiming to calm regional tensions and improve relations between the countries, The New York Times reported.

    The three countries’ foreign ministers began holding trilateral talks in 2008, but the meetings were suspended in 2012 when the tensions worsened over the East China Sea islands territorial dispute.

    South Korea, Japan and China have strong economic ties, but relations between the countries are tense due to unresolved historical disputes, including the Japan’s occupation of Chinese territories and colonization of Korean peninsula during the World War II...................Read more:


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