Thursday, July 30, 2015

Malaysia dispatches team to verify if debris found is from MH370 flight

Malaysia has sent a team to verify whether plane debris washed up on an Indian Ocean island could be part of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, its transport minister has said.

"I have sent a team to verify the wreckage," Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai told reporters in New York after a UN Security Council debate on the Malaysian jet shot down over Ukraine.

Debris washed up on Reunion Island off the east coast of Africa, but it is unclear if it is from the missing flight, believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean.

A US official has said investigators have a "high degree of confidence" that the debris found is from a Boeing 777 – the same model as the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared.

"People are getting ahead of themselves over this," Eric Chesneau, an officer in the air transport police of the French ndian Ocean territory, said in response to speculation on social media. "It is more than likely plane debris, (but) we don't know what exact part it may be."
No trace has been found of the Boeing 777, which disappeared in March last year carrying 239 passengers and crew from Kuala Lumpur, bound for Beijing, in what has become one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. Most of the passengers were Chinese.
Search efforts led by Australia have focused on a broad expanse of the southern Indian Ocean.

Neither the French civil aviation authority DGAC nor the BEA, the agency responsible for investigating aviation accidents, were immediately available for comment.
Source: AFP/Reuters




  1. Malaysia is "almost certain" that plane debris found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is from a Boeing 777, the deputy transport minister has said...

    The comments heighten the possibility it could be wreckage from missing Flight MH370.

    Malaysia Airlines was operating a Boeing 777 on the ill-fated flight, which vanished without a trace in March last year......

  2. Malaysian official says debris found still cannot be confirmed as from Boeing 777 ...

    Director General of Malaysia' s Department of Civil Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said Thursday that it still cannot be confirmed that the debris discovered on a beach of the Reunion Island was part of a Boeing 777 aircraft.

    Azharuddin told Xinhua that the Malaysian team sent out to identify the debris is still on their way to the Reunion Island, and the result of the identification will hopefully come out in two days.

    Also on Thursday, the Malaysian Transport Ministry said in a statement that that a part identified as a flaperon that could possibly belong to the ill-fated Boeing 777 aircraft has been discovered.

    It said that a team comprising experts from the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370 has been dispatched to the Reunion Island to verify whether the flaperon belongs to the missing plane.

    However, it said that until there is tangible and irrefutable evidence that the flaperon does belong to the missing aircraft, it would be premature to speculate at this juncture.

    "This is to ensure that we do not raise false hope for the love ones of the victims of MH370. We will make the necessary announcements once details have been verified," the ministry said.

    Malaysia Airlines' Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace in March last year while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The Boeing 777 aircraft was carrying 239 passengers and crew. Most of the passengers were Chinese.

  3. MH370 search: Reunion debris on way to France...

    Debris found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion is to be transported to France to find out whether it is from the missing flight MH370, Malaysia's prime minister has said.

    Initial reports suggest the two-metre long object is very likely to be from a Boeing 777, Najib Razak said.

    The Malaysia Airlines flight - a Boeing 777 - vanished while travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014.

    The search has focused on part of the southern Indian Ocean east of Reunion.

    Oceanographer David Griffin, of Australia's national science agency, told the BBC that the location of the find was "consistent with where we think debris might have turned up".

    There were 239 people on board the plane when it went missing............

  4. Rätsel um Flug MH370: Nach Wrackteil auch Koffer auf La Réunion gefunden...

    Das rätselhafte Verschwinden von Malaysia-Airlines-Flug MH370 kann womöglich doch noch aufgeklärt werden. An der Küste der Insel La Réunion wurden ein Wrackteil und ein Koffer gefunden.

    Rund 16 Monate nach dem mysteriösen Verschwinden von Flug MH370 der Malaysia Airlines gibt es erste konkrete Spuren. An der Küste der französischen Insel La Reunion im Indischen Ozean wurde ein Wrackteil angespült, das zu dem vermissten Flugzeugtyp gehören soll. Zudem ist an der gleichen Stelle ein Teil eines Koffers gefunden worden, der ebenfalls von dem vermissten Flugzeug stammen könnte....................

  5. Officials examining possible MH370 debris hope to provide closure....

    After 16 agonizing months without answers, loved ones of those on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will likely have to wait at least another day for confirmation that it crashed into the sea, as investigators work to identify the source of a barnacle-encrusted wing part that washed up on a remote Indian Ocean island.

    Though several officials have expressed confidence that the debris found on the French island of Reunion is from a Boeing 777, French authorities are planning to send the piece to southern France for analysis before confirming it came from the missing Malaysian aircraft. The part could arrive Saturday morning, according to the Paris prosecutor's office.

    Officials, keenly aware that families of those on board Flight 370 are desperately awaiting word on the fate of their loved ones, hope to have at least some answers within the next day or


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