Saturday, September 5, 2015

Refugees begin arriving at Hungary-Austria border. Migrants allowed into Austria, Germany (video Al Jazeera)

Hundreds of refugees have begun arriving at Hungary's border crossing with Austria after spending days stranded at Budapest's main railway terminus.

They will receive food before being registered and processed by authorities. Austria's Red Cross expects up to 1,500 people to arrive at the refugee reception centre.

The development came just hours after long lines of buses left Budapest on Saturday packed with refugees, following an announcement by Austria that it had agreed with Germany to let them in.

Hungary's government sent about 100 buses to pick up the thousands of refugees camped in front of the train station in Budapest and another 1,200 walking down the main highway to Vienna.

Austria said they would be granted entry regardless of European Union rules.

"Because of today's emergency situation on the Hungarian border, Austria and Germany agree in this case to a continuation of the refugees' journey into their countries," Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said on his Facebook page.

The Hungarian government cited safety concerns for the decision to deploy buses, after days of cancelled trains and confrontation with riot police refusing to let the refugees pass.

But it appeared to mark an admission that the government had lost control in the face of overwhelming numbers of refugees determined to reach western Europe, having fled war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia..................


  1. Migrants arrive in Austria after being bused from Hungary...

    Thousands of exhausted migrants streamed into Austria on Saturday, bussed to the border by a Hungarian government that gave up trying to stop them as Europe’s asylum system buckled under pressure from the sheer numbers reaching its frontiers.

    After days of confrontation and chaos, Hungary’s right-wing government deployed dozens of buses to take migrants from Budapest and pick up over 1,000 – many of them refugees from the Syrian war – who had set off by foot on Friday down the main highway to Vienna.

    Austria said it had agreed with Germany that it would allow the migrants access, waiving the rules of an asylum system brought to breaking point by Europe’s worst refugee crisis since the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.

    Wrapped in blankets and sleeping bags against the rain, long lines of weary migrants, many carrying small, sleeping children, climbed off buses on the Hungarian side of the border and walked into Austria, receiving fruit and water from aid workers. Waiting Austrians held signs that read, “Refugees welcome”.

    “We’re happy. We’ll go to Germany,” said a Syrian man who gave his name as Mohammed. Another, who declined to be named, said: “Hungary should be fired from the European Union. Such bad treatment.”

    Hungary, the main entry point into Europe’s borderless Schengen zone for migrants surging through the Balkan peninsula, has taken a hard line, vowing to seal its southern, external EU border within days. It has also painted the crisis as a defence of Europe’s prosperity, identity and “Christian values” against an influx of mainly Muslim migrants...................

  2. Crise des migrants - Entre 2.500 et 3.000 migrants sont arrivés en Autriche depuis la Hongrie....

    (Belga) De 2.500 à 3.000 migrants sont arrivés au cours des dernières heures en Autriche, venant de Hongrie, a annoncé la police autrichienne samedi, au lendemain de la décision de Budapest de les conduire par car à la frontière commune.

    "Je me tiens à la frontière avec la Hongrie et je regarde. Le flux (de personnes) se poursuit", a déclaré Hans Peter Doskozil, chef de la police du Burgenland (est de la Hongrie), à l'agence de presse autrichienne. "Nous attendons entre 17 ou 18 bus à impériale pour les emmener à Vienne et peut-être aussi en Allemagne", a-t-il ajouté. (Belga)

  3. Heute bis zu 10.000 Flüchtlinge erwartet...

    In Bussen, in Zügen, zu Fuß: Tausende Menschen kommen aus Ungarn. Der KURIER berichtet live.

    Ist Wien auf die Flüchtlingswelle vorbereitet?

    "Zu 100 Prozent", betonte der stellvertretende Magistratsdirektor Wolfgang Müller Samstagfrüh. Man rechne aber nicht damit, dass sich die Menschen in einem sehr schlechten Zustand befinden. Seit 10 Uhr findet eine weitere Lagebesprechung des Innenministeriums statt. Für den Fall, dass Flüchtlinge in Wien bleiben wollen, habe man Hunderte Unterbringungsplätze im Bereich der Spitäler der Stadt in der Hinterhand, erläuterte Müller. Bisher wollten sie den Bahnhof allerdings nicht verlassen, weshalb er nicht damit rechnet, dass die Quartiere tatsächlich gebraucht werden.
    10:11 UHR
    Stefan Hofer Stefan Hofer

    Das Innenministerium hat die zuvor genannten Zahlen bestätigt, dass heute bis zu 10.000 Flüchtlinge erwartet werden, die in der laufenden Welle von Ungarn nach Österreich kommen. Rund 4.000 seien bereits in Österreich. Medizinische und humanitäre Hilfe stehe im Vordergrund, hieß es. Grundsätzlich gilt natürlich: Die Informationslage sei sehr unsicher und ändere sich ständig, sagte ein Sprecher des Innenministeriums. Man müsse sich aber auf eine Zahl in dieser Größenordnung einstellen. Ein Hotspot ist derzeit der Westbahnhof................


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