Sunday, January 3, 2016

Saudi cuts ties with Iran, expels Tehran envoys

Saudi Arabia announced late Sunday that it would officially sever ties with Iran after having two of its diplomatic posts attacked in the Islamic republic.

Saudi’s Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir, speaking in an address aired by Al Arabiya News Channel, said Iran’s diplomatic mission staff and related structures in Saudi Arabia had been given 48 hours to leave.

He also accused Iran of having a long-track record of violating diplomatic missions, and called Tehran a regional menace for its smuggling of arms and explosives and its harboring of Al-Qaeda militants since 2001.

Jubeir’s announcement comes after demonstrators stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran on Saturday in protest against Riyadh’s executions of 47 people convicted of terrorism, which include Shiite preacher Nimr al-Nimr and al-Qaeda ideologue Fares al-Shuwail.

The demonstrators stormed the Saudi embassy building in the Iranian capital, smashed furniture and started fires before being ejected by police. No Saudi embassy staff were in the building at the time.

A copycat protest at the Saudi consulate in the Iranian city of Mashhad broke out on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Jubeir said Riyadh is vigilant over Iranian threats against Saudi diplomats in Baghdad. On Friday, Saudi Arabia reopened its embassy in Baghdad after a 25-year pause, giving way to more cooperation between the two countries on tackling terrorism.

The foreign minister vowed that Riyadh will not allow Tehran to sabotage Saudi or the region’s security.

While Tehran lashed out at Riyadh for Nimr’s execution, the Gulf states, the Arab League, and the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars all condemned the attacks and Iranian interference in the region.

Before Jubeir’s address, a Saudi foreign ministry spokesman said Iran had not stopped protesters storming its consulate in Mashhad.

The spokesman said Riyadh had reported the attacks on diplomatic missions in Iran to the U.N. Security Council.

After departing Iran, the Saudi diplomatic mission staff arrived in Dubai late on Sunday, the minister said.


  1. Nach den Protesten gegen die Hinrichtung des schiitischen Geistlichen Scheich Nimr Baker al-Nimr durch Saudi-Arabien hat die Regierung in Riad die diplomatischen Beziehungen zum Iran abgebrochen...

    Das verkündete Außenminister Adel al-Dschubeir am Sonntag, nachdem Demonstranten am Samstagabend die saudiarabische Botschaft in der iranischen Hauptstadt Teheran angegriffen hatten. Alle iranischen Diplomaten müssten binnen 48 Stunden das Land verlassen, fügte der saudiarabische Außenminister

  2. Saudi diplomats evacuated from Iran after their embassy was stormed by protesters in Tehran landed in Dubai on their way home to the kingdom, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV reported early on Monday...

    Their arrival coincided with an announcement by Saudi Arabia that it was cutting ties with Iran in protest at the assault on its embassy, in a worsening diplomatic crisis between the regional rivals following the kingdom's execution of a prominent Shiite cleric.

  3. Arabia Saudita rompe relaciones diplomáticas con Irán...

    El ministro saudí, Adel al Jubeir, hizo el anuncio este domingo, después de varios días de fuertes tensiones entre los dos países.

    Al Jubeir ha dado un plazo de 48 horas "a la misión diplomática iraní, y todas las organizaciones relacionadas con esta", para salir del país...........

  4. Saudi Arabia's decision to cut ties with Iran after attacks on the kingdom's diplomatic missions in the Islamic Republic will not distract from Riyadh's "big mistake" of executing a top Shiite cleric, a senior Iranian official said Monday...

    "By deciding to sever (diplomatic) relations, Saudi Arabia cannot make (the world) forget its big mistake of executing a cleric," deputy foreign minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said, according to the IRNA agency.

    He added that Saudi Arabia had committed a "strategic error in adopting rash and hasty decisions that have spread instability and caused the development of terrorism in the region"

  5. Canada denounces Saudi Arabian executions...

    The federal government is decrying a mass execution in Saudi Arabia which killed 47 people, including a prominent Saudi Shiite cleric.

    In a statement issued on Sunday, Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion says Canada is calling on the Saudi Arabian government to "protect human rights, respect peaceful expressions of dissent and ensure fairness in judicial proceedings."

    Dion says Canada is particularly concerned that the country's execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr could "further inflame" sectarian tensions in the


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