Friday, January 8, 2016

Sexual assaults also reported in Salzburg, Austria

Following revelations that numerous sexual assaults took place in Cologne, Germany over New Year's Eve, Austrian police in Salzburg on Thursday reported a number of similar incidents.

Police revealed that at least five incidents had occurred with perpetrators primarily of Syrian and Afghan origin, and that they believed the late nature of the reports was most likely due to victims feeling compelled to come forward as news of the events in Germany has circulated throughout the media.

The reports include a 22-year-old who on Monday claimed she was inappropriately touched during the New Year's celebrations by two men of foreign origin who were part of a larger group, with her cell phone also allegedly stolen during the incident, according to the Kronen Zeitung newspaper.

Another similar report was made via email on Wednesday, while also on Wednesday an Afghan national sexually molested a 28-year-old woman in a Salzburg bar, with doormen able to physically restrain him until police arrived.

Further incidents came to the attention of authorities on Thursday, including two separate sexual assaults of a 58-year-old and a 20-year-old woman in Salzburg over the New Year evening.

A police spokesperson said investigations are currently underway to determine whether the attacks were organized or whether there are connections between the individual perpetrators.

Police in the national capital of Vienna had initially stated there were no such incidents reported there, though on Thursday one report did come to light where three women who were together in a group reported inappropriate contact as well as theft while they were dancing, though a police spokesperson said such particular incidents are not entirely uncommon.

In response to the reports, interior minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said Thursday that police will pursue each individual case regardless of the background of the perpetrators with a "zero tolerance" approach.



  1. Silvester-Übergriffe in Köln: 32 mögliche Täter identifiziert...

    Eine Woche nach den schweren Ausschreitungen in Köln hat die deutsche Polizei 32 mögliche Angreifer identifiziert. Bei 29 von ihnen handelt es sich um Migranten mit Aufenthaltsgenehmigung in Deutschland, wie das Bundesinnenministerium am Freitag mitteilte.

    Laut Tobias Plate, dem Sprecher des Ministeriums, sind neun Algerier, acht Marokkaner und vier Syrer unter den Verdächtigen.

  2. Vor dem Hintergrund des Sex-Skandals mit Übergriffen auf Frauen in der Silvesternacht in Köln melden auch österreichische Medien ähnliche Vorfälle in eigenem Land...

    Laut der österreichischen Zeitung „Die Presse“ wurde eine Salzburgerin in der Silvesternacht von zwei Männern sexuell belästigt. Bei dem Übergriff soll der Frau ihr Handy gestohlen worden sein.

    Wie berichtet wird, waren die jungen Männer „ausländischer Herkunft“ in einer Gruppe von acht bis zehn Personen unterwegs.

    Außerdem hat die Salzburger Polizei in den vergangenen Tagen weitere Anzeigen über ähnliche Vorfälle erhalten: ein 28-jähriger Afghane soll eine 58-jährige Salzburgerin am 1. Januar 2016 am Residenzplatz belästigt haben, und ein 23-jähriger Syrer — eine 20-jährige Frau in der Silvesternacht in der Salzburger Innenstadt.

    "Das Landeskriminalamt prüft derzeit, ob es organisierte Übergriffe gegeben hat oder sich Zusammenhänge zwischen einzelnen Tätern oder Tätergruppen ziehen lassen", so die Salzburger Polizeisprecherin Valerie Hillebrand.

    In Wien hat es an Silvester aber keine derartigen Vorfälle gegeben.


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