Saturday, February 6, 2016

Five dead after Taiwan quake topples buildings

A powerful earthquake in Taiwan felled a 16-story apartment complex full of families who had gathered for Lunar New Year celebrations in the early hours of Saturday, with at least five dead and more than 30 feared trapped.

The 6.4-magnitude quake struck in the middle of the night and as day dawned it revealed the destruction left behind in the city of Tainan, which bore the brunt of the damage.

An entire residential complex containing almost 100 homes toppled to the ground, lying on its side with twisted metal girders exposed.

A 10-day old baby girl and a 40-year-old man were pulled dead from the building, National Fire Agency officials said, with reports that around 30 more were still trapped inside.

A third woman died after being hit by a falling water tank at another site with no details immediately available of the other two deaths, the fire agency said.

Residents at the 16-storey felled Wei-kuan Building told of their terror as the quake hit...



  1. An earthquake has toppled buildings in the south Taiwanese city of Tainan, killing at least five people...

    Rescue teams have been trying to reach people trapped in rubble since the magnitude 6.4 quake struck just before 04:00 (20:00 GMT Friday).

    A baby was among four people killed when a high-rise block collapsed. At least 155 people have been injured.

    President Ma Ying-jeou promised an "all-out effort" to rescue people when he arrived in the city.

    Shelters would be set up for those who had lost their homes in the city of two million people, he said.

    The fifth death was caused by objects falling from a water tower, officials said.

    The quake was shallow, meaning its effects would have been amplified, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

    There have also been at least five aftershocks.

    Beijing has offered assistance although at the moment at least, given the relatively limited scale of the disaster, it does not look as if much outside help is needed, the BBC's John Sudworth reports from the Chinese capital.

    Back in 1999, when a 7.6 magnitude quake killed more than 2,300 people in central Taiwan, a similar offer of help from the mainland became embroiled in political wrangling, with Taiwan accusing China of exploiting the situation for its own political ends, our correspondent adds..............

  2. Un fuerte terremoto de 6,4 grados estremeció el sur de Taiwán en las primeras horas de este sábado, causando el colapso de edificios en la ciudad de Tainán, al suroeste de la Isla...

    El Centro de Emergencia informó a la agencia AP que tres personas murieron en el temblor: un niño de 10 días de nacido, una mujer de 55 años y un hombre de 50. El niño y el hombre habían sido rescatados de uno de los edificios derrumbados, pero murieron en el hospital.

    El sismo se registró alrededor de las 20 horas GMT del viernes, a unos 25 km al sur de Yujing y a 10 km de profundidad, informó el Servicio Geológico de EE.UU.

    La agencia AFP informa que al menos 200 personas fueron ser rescatadas de uno de los edificios que colapsaron en Tainán, una ciudad costera al norte de Kaohsiung.

    Los operativos de rescate continúan. La estación Formosa TV indicó que unas 150 personas están atrapadas en uno de los edificios que tenía 16 pisos.

    El Centro de Alerta de Tsunamis del Pacífico dijo que no se anticipa que el temblor de lugar a un tsunami.

  3. Taiwan: Rettungsaktion in umgestürztem Hochhaus...

    Sieben Tote forderte das schwere Erdbeben bisher. In den Trümmern werden noch Menschen vermisst.

    Nach dem Erdbeben im Süden Taiwans ist die Zahl der Toten auf mindestens sieben gestiegen. Rettungskräfte suchten am Samstag in den Trümmern nach Verschütteten. Mehr als 300 Verletzte wurden in Krankenhäusern behandelt, wie die Behörden berichteten. Einige Dutzend galten noch als vermisst.

    Die Erdstöße erreichten die Stärke 6,4 und überraschten die Menschen am frühen Morgen um kurz vor vier Uhr Ortszeit im Schlaf. In der Zwei-Millionen-Metropole Tainan blieben die meist kleineren Häuser unbeschädigt, doch wurden mehrere höhere Häuser schwer beschädigt oder stürzten ein. Ein 16-stöckiges Wohngebäude kippte komplett auf die Seite. Die Behörden wollen untersuchen, ob es Probleme in der Baustruktur

  4. Thirteen dead after powerful Taiwan quake fells buildings...

    Relatives of missing residents from a 16-storey apartment complex felled by a powerful earthquake in Taiwan that killed 13 people were praying for miracles Saturday as rescuers scoured the rubble for survivors.

    The cluster of buildings in the historic southern city of Tainan were full of families who had gathered for Lunar New Year celebrations when it collapsed, with residents still trapped inside on Saturday night and the death toll rising.

    Tainan bore the brunt of the 6.4 magnitude quake and the disaster zone centres around the residential complex containing almost 100 homes which were toppled.

    The four blocks at the Wei-kuan complex were left lying on their sides with twisted metal girders exposed and clouds of dust rising from the jumbled concrete.

    Among the 11 people killed when the apartment buildings collapsed were a 10-day-old baby girl and two other children, the National Fire Agency said.

    The other two victims were killed in different parts of the city by falling debris, the agency said......

  5. Puissant séisme à Taïwan: onze morts et une trentaine de personnes encore bloquées sous les décombres ...

    Un séisme de magnitude 6,4 a fait au moins onze morts dans le sud de Taïwan samedi, ont annoncé les secours qui continuaient de fouiller les décombres d'un immeuble de 16 étages où environ 30 résidents seraient encore pris au piège, selon les médias.

    La puissante secousse a frappé le sud de l'île samedi vers 04h00 locales (21h00 HB vendredi), provoquant, selon des responsables, l'effondrement de quatre immeubles d'un même ensemble dans la ville de Tainan.

    Le bilan s'est alourdi samedi après-midi, passant de cinq à sept puis onze morts. Les recherches se concentraient essentiellement autour d'une tour de 16 étages, où au moins 30 personnes seraient toujours prisonnières de l'amas de béton, selon les médias. Les autorités n'avançaient aucun chiffre à ce sujet.

    Parmi les onze personnes retrouvées sans vie dans les décombres, se trouvent un nourrisson de 10 jours et un homme âgé de 40 ans. Une femme est morte après avoir été percutée par une citerne d'eau, ont indiqué les pompiers. Les autres personnes ont trouvé la mort dans d'autres endroits de la ville, victimes de chutes de débris, selon les pompiers. Au moins 400 militaires ont été appelés en renfort des secours.....


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