Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Syrian Kurds set to announce federal system in northern Syria

Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Syria are expected to declare a federal system on Wednesday, a Syrian Kurdish official said, taking matters into their own hands after being excluded so far from political talks to resolve the Syrian war.

The step that will combine three Kurdish-led autonomous areas of northern Syrian into a federal system will be sure to alarm neighbouring Turkey, which fears growing Kurdish sway in Syria is fueling separatism among its own Kurdish minority.

The announcement would mean “widening the framework of self-administration which the Kurds and others have formed,” said Idris Nassan, an official in the foreign affairs directorate of Kobani, one of three autonomous areas set up by Kurdish groups two years ago.

He told Reuters the areas would be named the Federation of northern Syria, and represent all ethnic groups living there...
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  1. Syria's Kurds on Thursday declared a federal region in the country's north, officials told AFP, but both the government and an opposition coalition swiftly rejected the announcement...

    Two officials at talks involving Kurdish, Arab, and other parties in the town of Rmeilan said delegates had agreed on creating a "federal system" unifying the three mainly Kurdish cantons in northern Syria.

    "We have given our blessing for the establishment of a federal system in Rojava (the three cantons) and northern Syria," said Aldar Khalil, a member of the conference's preparatory committee.

    The declaration risks angering Turkey which is wary of any bid by Syrian Kurds to solidify their autonomy.

    The move will centralise governance in areas that Kurdish parties and their allies already control.

    The borders and other administrative details concerning the region would be discussed on Thursday, officials


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