Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kurdish-led coalition launches Raqqa operation

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched its operation for the liberation of Raqqa, which has been occupied by ISIS gangs since 2014. ‘The Initiative to Liberate the North of Raqqa’ receives aerial support of the International Coalition forces.

SDF members began to march on Raqqa from the town of Eyn İsa to the southeast of Kobanê today at 14:00 from 3 different directions. The operation covers the 4 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide area to the north of Raqqa, which is 50-60 kilometers away from Raqqa city. Arabs are the majority of the region’s population, and have been requesting the SDF forces to liberate the area for quite some time now.

SDF command at Gré Spî stated that the goal of the operation in North Raqqa is to cut the gangs’ supply routes and corner them further into the south. Intense clashes broke out near Xediyad Xelil as soon as the operation began, and coalition forces continue to bombard ISIS positions in the region.

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