Thursday, September 22, 2016

Assad says US strikes that killed 62 regime troops 'definitely intentional'. - video

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Thursday that US airstrikes that killed over 60 of his troops in the country's east lasted for at least an hour and were "definitely intentional", and blamed the Americans for the collapse of a ceasefire agreement co-brokered with Russia.

A short-lived ceasefire agreement, negotiated by top diplomats from Syrian government backer Russia and the United States, saw an initial drop in fighting across the country after it came into force on September 12.

But violence began to escalate late last week and Syria's army declared an end to the truce just one week later. Hours later, US-airstrikes intended to target IS positions killed 62 Syrian regime soldiers near Deir Ezzor airport.

The US said that the attack was immediately halted after being informed by Russia that it was possible the strikes were targeting Syrian regime positions. But Assad claims the assault was no mistake.

"It wasn't an accident by one airplane... It was four airplanes that kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour, or a little bit more than one hour," Assad told the Associated Press (AP) on Wednesday. "You don't commit a mistake for more than one hour."


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