Monday, October 31, 2016

The first armed attack in Europe on a sovereign state after 1945: Lavrov says US publicly insults Russia regarding Syria

The United States, regarding Syria, even publicly insults Russia, accusing Moscow of "war crimes" despite the fact that the U.S. bombed Yugoslavia’s civilian targets, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview for the documentary "I have made up my mind. Yevgeny Primakov" for Rossiya 1 television channel.

"When the greatest patriot of his country, a very experienced politician, a great public official, a person with a huge intuition, with encyclopedic education, with understanding of various processes, learned that the United States decided to start bombings of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, he did not see for himself an opportunity to continue business as usual, fly to U.S. Vice President Albert Gore for important, but rather routine talks," Lavrov said.

"The U-turn became a reminder that Russia can’t have a mission in the world other than defend its truth, do it jointly with other powers, but certainly achieving equal relations and mutually beneficial agreements," he said.
"The aggression against Yugoslavia was certainly aggression," Lavrov underscored.

 "By the way, it was the first armed attack in Europe on a sovereign state after 1945."..........More:

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