Monday, November 21, 2016

Obama to Trump: US Leadership ‘Indispensable’- No Other Nation Can Fill

U.S. President Barack Obama finished his final foreign tour in Peru the same way he began it in Europe, trying to reassure other world leaders who are anxious about a possible sharp shift in U.S. foreign policy under President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama met with the leaders of the 21 Asia Pacific Economic Conference in Lima Sunday, still expressing his support for international trade agreements and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, while conceding it is not up to him anymore. He said there already is talk of a new trade agreement with lower standards that would not provide the same level of protection for American workers.

The president said the 21 Asia Pacific economies represent nearly 3 billion people, a majority of the global middle class, and he expressed the hope that the U.S. still could join the TPP, saying trade done right can deliver progress. But Trump strongly opposed TPP on the campaign trail.

Obama said the APEC leaders are moving ahead with making their economies more inclusive – helping more women become entrepreneurs and gain access to all kinds of career paths. Continuing implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change also is a priority, he said.

U.S. policies on trade, climate change and other issues could change dramatically in nine weeks when President-elect Trump takes office, based on statements he made during the campaign.

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