Wednesday, December 14, 2016

US accelerates troop deployment to Poland and Baltics

The United States has accelerated the deployment of troops to Poland, the Baltic states and Romania as part of raising security in the region, officials said.

Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz made the announcement on Wednesday following talks with the commander of US land troops in Europe, Lieutenant-General Ben Hodges.

American troops will be deployed in early January - instead of late in the month - to Poland, the Baltic states, and Romania, Hodges said.

"I am very happy that a decision has been taken by the US side for an earlier deployment," Macierewicz said.

An armoured brigade combat team from Fort Carson, Colorado will be based in Zagan, western Poland, while another US force, a battalion, will be deployed on April 1 to Orzysz, in the northeast.

"I'm confident in the very powerful signal, the message it will send [that] the United States, along with the rest of NATO, is committed to deterrence," Hodges said.

"I'm excited about what my country is doing and I'm excited about continuing to work with our ally, Poland."

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