Monday, January 2, 2017

American endurance and the utilization of the mental schemata

In juxtaposition with the histories of Europe, we see that there is American endurance which is more reinforced when mandatory alliances are to be made between docile and harsh systems for the achievement of a goal.

A first difference derives from the fact that the United States of America are geographically independent with regards to land connections. In other words it consists of a generalization of the English system as an insular area, but with greater distances and size. While this is not the case in Europe.

A second difference is that the USA operate in a federal manner, which means that it is easier to have a common strategy, which therefore is more robust when it is about to confront a harsh system.

The third difference is that the course of the USA on a foreign policy level is diachonical, while in Europe there are many that have the same property but they do not consist at the same time a strategic mix which allows an ultimate coordination.

These differences are of course structural and always a general course will depend on the utilization of the mental schemata which reinforce, in a polycyclicic manner, the creation of a hyperstructure.
  [N. Lygeros - OPUS]
[Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi]

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