Sunday, January 8, 2017

Long-Term Occupation of Syria : Turkey 'Testing the Waters' by Hinting NATO Could Be Kicked Out of Incirlik

High-ranking Turkish officials have recently expressed their discontent with Washington failing to provide assistance to Ankara's "military operation" [?] in northern Syria, implying that NATO forces could even be asked to leave the Incirlik airbase.
Political analyst Stuart Rollo told Radio Sputnik that Turkey "is testing the waters."

"They want to test the waters, they want to see the reaction" of the incoming Trump administration, he said. "Trump spoke a lot on his campaign about supporting the Kurds. He frequently cited their bravery, said that they were the most effective ally the US had in the region in the fight against [Daesh]. I think Turkey is a little bit worried that he might actually go and back up some of that campaign rhetoric with action.".........


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