Friday, January 20, 2017

More survivors found in avalanche-hit Italian hotel. Survivors are pulled from the snow : video

Rescue workers have found five more survivors in the avalanche-hit Rigopiano hotel in central Italy, the ANSA news agency reports citing firefighters carrying out the rescue operation.

At the same time, rescue workers note that signals from the survivors have been detected while the people haven’t been pulled out yet.

According to firefighters, six people have been found alive so far, while media reports mentioned eight survivors. "The number of survivors is eight if we count the two people who were rescued the day before (on Thursday)," the firefighters said.

According to preliminary reports, up to four people, including two kids, have been pulled out alive. ANSA says that the hotel chef’s wife and son are among survivors. The chef, who was out of the hotel when the avalanche came, was the first to report of the disaster. Over 30 people were at the hotel at the time.

The death of two people has been officially confirmed so far, their bodies were retrieved on Thursday.

 ***Local media in Italy reported Friday that eight survivors pulled from an avalanche which hit a hotel were recovering from their ordeal.

The ANSA news agency said the first six people found by rescuers included three men, a woman and two children.



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