Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Terrorists Continue Plundering Syria's Infrastructures in Idlib

Members of Turkistani terrorist group looted the equipment in Zaizon Power Plant near al-Shaqour bridge in Western Idlib and sold them in the market.

According to local sources, the terrorists stationed in Zaizon have detached all girders used in the power plants' small towers and sold them in the iron market.

They added that the militants are now detaching the big towers with bulldozers and cranes and transferring them to Aleppo in trucks.

Also, the copper cables of the power plant have all been stolen and transferred for sale.

According to the sources, the terrorists have also detached all railways in the region and sold them in the iron market.

Reports said earlier this year that militants continue to transfer infrastructures and government properties in Idlib province to the Turkish market to sell them there at very low prices.

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