Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rex Tillerson ethos: Iranian militias in Iraq 'need to go home'

Iranian militias
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for all Iranian militias to leave Iraq and "encouraged" Europe to join sanctions against Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

Speaking in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh on Sunday, Tillerson urged the Iran-backed militias to leave Iraq as the battle against the Islamic State nears an end.

"Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fight against Daesh and ISIS is coming to a close, those militias need to go home," he said, referring to the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State and the abbreviation for the group's former name. "Any foreign fighters in Iraq need to go home and allow the Iraqi people to regain control."


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  1. ‘We don’t need you on this’: Trump says US can pressure Iran without EU’s help...

    Donald Trump said the EU would have supported US sanctions on Iran if he was insistent. But, according to the US president, he allowed Germany and France to keep making money with Tehran as America was capable of putting pressure on Iranians on its own.
    When asked by Fox News if Europe is going to support his new strategy on Iran, Trump replied by saying that he has really warm relations with French and German leaders.“They’re great friends of mine. They really are. I get along with all of them, whether it’s Emmanuel [Macron] or whether it’s Angela [Merkel]... I really like those people,” he said.

    As for the Iranian issue, Trump stressed: “I told them [the EU]: ‘Just keep making money. Don’t worry about it. We don’t need you on this.”

    He expressed the belief that Europe was reluctant to back his anti-Iranian push for purely economic reasons......


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