Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Spanish Constitutional Court Cancels Catalonia's Declaration of Independence

Spanish Constitutional Court
The move comes just a day after the Catalan parliament has recognized its dissolution as part of Madrid's measures to impose direct rule over the region after its unilateral declaration of independence dubbed illegal by the Spanish leadership.

The Spanish Constitutional Court has announced its ruling canceling Catalonia'a declaration of independence, according to the court's spokesperson.

The decision comes few days after the Catalan parliament in a secret ballot voted in favor of a motion to declare the region's independence from Spain in a move prompting Madrid to immediately respond by invoking Article 155 of the Constitution, imposing direct rule over the region. The measures also included the sacking of the Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, and the dismissal of the region's parliament, with local elections scheduled to take place in December.

While Puigdemon, who later left Catalonia for Brussels, has refused to recognize Madrid's decision and called for peaceful resistance, the Catalan parliament decided to recognize its dissolution on Monday.

Puigdemon on Dialogue With Madrid

  • Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, ex-Catalan leader, Puigdemon has said that holding dialogue with Madrid in current conditions is impossible.

Nevertheless, he vowed to respect the result of the local elections set for December.

According to the sacked leader, Catalonia's independence drive must "slow down."

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