Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Turkey PM confirms Iraqi gov't in control of main land border

main land border iraq turkey krg
Iraq's central government has taken over control of the main land crossing into Turkey from the autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said Tuesday.

Yildirim also said that Turkey had agreed to open another border gate with Iraq, as part of a route that would lead to the city of Tal Afar, some 40 kilometers west of Mosul and home to a predominantly ethnic Turkmen population.

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  1. The Iraqi military has said it is preparing to take control of the autonomous Kurdistan Region's only border crossings with Turkey and Syria.
    A statement said a delegation had visited the Ibrahim al-Khalil and Fish Khabur posts to determine requirements.
    Turkish media said troops had already been deployed at Ibrahim al-Khalil.
    Iraq's government said it wanted control of all crossings after the Kurdistan Region held a controversial independence referendum last month.


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