Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kiev to suspend water supplies to rebel-held region in E. Ukraine

rebel-held region in E. Ukraine
The Ukrainian authorities would suspend water supplies to the area in the eastern Lugansk region controlled by pro-independence insurgents by Tuesday, a senior Ukrainian official said on Monday.

In his latest post on a personal blog, Volodymyr Grytsay, the head of the Lugansk energy association, said the government will stop delivering electricity to the Popasna pump station that provides water to Lugansk city and its surrounding area.

The electricity supplies to the water pump facility will be terminated over non-payment, Grytsay said, noting that the debts owed by the insurgents have reached about 5.2 million US dollars.

The insurgent leadership has not commented on the move yet.

The city of Lugansk and the surrounding towns and villages with an overall population of about 1.5 million are currently controlled by rebels, which are involved in an armed conflict with government troops since April 2014.

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