Wednesday, December 13, 2017

China Cautions Taiwan Against Relying on Foreign Powers for Security

Tensions between Beijing and Taipei
Tensions between Beijing and Taipei continue to escalate following a controversial US-Taiwan deal that seeks to enhance cooperation in the security sphere.

Speaking at a press-conference, spokesman for China's Taiwan Affairs Office An Fengshan expressed official opposition to any military deals between Taiwan and the US, highlighting that Taiwan is an internal matter.

"What I want to stress and point out is that any relying on foreigners to build oneself up or plots to harm national sovereignty and territorial integrity will be opposed by the entire Chinese nation, and cannot succeed," An said.

China's warning comes following the escalation of tensions between Beijing and Taipei that were sparked by the US Congress's decision to adopt the National Defense Authorization Act in September.

The Act authorizes de facto military cooperation between that will enable mutual visits between US and Taiwanese Navies.

The move was highly criticized in mainland China, which considers Taiwan to be a rogue province and has consistently called it as "the most sensitive issue" in its relationships with the United States.

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