Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Germany's SPD party leadership gives green-light to coalition negotiations with CDU/CSU

The seek for a new German government is moving to a new stage, as the leadership of the German Social Democrats (SPD) on Monday gave its approval to a potential relaunch of a "grand coalition" with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union (CSU).

German media reported that the SPD leadership was in favor of entry into talks over the formation of a new government without any fixed expectations of the result. Katrin Budde, Governor of Saxony-Anhalt, was the only member of the party's governing committee to abstain from her vote.

The decision cleared a significant hurdle left for Germany to resolve its current political impasse after the collapse of "Jamaica" coalition negotiations.

"Jamaica" refers to the traditional colors of the three parties, the Union (black), the FDP (yellow) and the Greens (green) coincide with that of the Caribbean state's national flag.

However, SPD leader Martin Schulz has announced that a final decision will only be made by the Social Democratic base at the upcoming party conference on Thursday.

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  1. Retour à la case départ en Allemagne. Alors que le soir des élections, les sociaux-démocrates de Martin Schulz avaient exclu de gouverner à nouveau avec les chrétiens-démocrates d’Angela Merkel, une grande coalition SPD/CDU pourrait finalement revoir le jour. Lundi, la direction du parti social-démocrate a déclaré soutenir à l’unanimité une proposition d’engager des négociations avec les conservateurs sur la formation d’une coalition de gouvernement.


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