Thursday, January 4, 2018

Annulling Referendum Results Baghdad’s Only Condition for Talks with KRG

Referendum IRAQ KURDS
Baghdad has not imposed any preconditions for a dialogue with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) other than the cancellation of the referendum’s results, the Iraqi government’s spokesperson said.

Saad Hadithi was quoted on Thursday by al-Sabah newspaper as saying that the Federal government of Iraq “had not set any precondition for entering negotiations” with Erbil except for “the annulment of referendum”.

He added that Baghdad wants to resolve its disputes with the KRG “on the basis of the Iraqi constitution.”
  • The comments came after a joint delegation from the ministries of Health and Education in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region went to Baghdad to discuss payment of employees’ salaries, the Erbil-based Kurdistan 24 news network reported.
The Iraqi government has said it took a number of decisions paving the way for dialogue with the KRG on disputed issues as there are signs of the autonomous region’s obedience to the law of the constitution.

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