Friday, January 5, 2018

Spanish Court Says Ex-Catalan Vice President to Stay in Jail

Ex-Catalan Vice President to Stay in Jail
 Supreme Court judges have ruled against allowing ousted Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras out of jail while he is investigated for rebellion and other charges stemming from the restive region's recent drive for independence from Spain.

In the decision Friday, the judges said there was a risk that Junqueras might again commit crimes as there was no sign he intended changing his ways, AP reported.

The pro-secession Junqueras was one of several members of the sacked regional cabinet jailed on provisional charges following a declaration of independence Oct. 1. Other members, including ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, are fugitives in Brussels.

Junqueras had hoped to be released to take full part in Catalonia*s new parliament following elections imposed by Spain in which secessionist parties won the most seats.

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