Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Syria: Army’s air defense foils 3 Israeli attacks, downs several missiles, hits an aircraft

Syrian General Command of the Army
Syrian General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said that the army’s air defense thwarted on Tuesday dawn three successive Israeli attacks as it downed a number of missiles and hit one of the Israeli aircrafts.

The General Command, in a statement, added that Israeli warplanes on Tuesday at 2:40 a.m. fired several missiles which passed over the Lebanese territories towards al-Qutayfah area in Damascus Countryside as the army’s air defense intercepted the missiles and hit one of the warplanes, SANA reported.

At 3:04 a.m., according to the statement, the Israeli enemy repeated its aggression by firing two ground-to-ground missiles from the area of the occupied Golan, and the army’s air defense intercepted the missiles and downed them.

The statement said that Israeli warplanes repeated the aggression again at 4:15 a.m. by firing four missiles from the area of Tiberias inside occupied Palestine as the army’s air defense intercepted the missiles and destroyed one of them while the remnants fell near one of the military positions, causing only material damage.

The Command indicated that this outrageous aggression reaffirms Israel’s support to the terrorist groups and its desperate attempts to raise their collapsed morale due to the heavy losses inflicted upon them in Harasta area in the Eastern Ghota, and due to the sweeping victories which are being achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in Idleb.

The Command warned against the dangerous repercussions of such hostile acts, holding “Israel” fully responsible for their consequences and affirming its high alert to confront such attacks , continue war against terrorism and to eradicate Israel’s terrorist tools to restore security and stability to all the Syrian territories.


  1. Israel hat Anlagen der syrischen Regierungsarmee unweit von Damaskus angegriffen, wie die Nachrichtenagentur Sana mit Verweis auf das syrische Verteidigungsministerium meldet...

    Israels Kampfflugzeuge sollen aus dem Luftraum Libanons vier Boden-Boden-Raketen auf Assads Armee im Gebiet al-Kuteifa gefeuert haben. Die syrischen Abwehranlagen sollen einige Raketen abgefangen und ein israelisches Flugzeug angeschossen haben.

    Wie die israelische Zeitung „Haaretz“ unter Berufung auf die syrische Opposition schreibt, soll ein Munitionslager das Angriffsziel gewesen sein.

  2. Israel has launched three attacks on military targets in Syria, using jets and ground-to-ground missiles, the Syrian army has reported. Damascus also claims that it has shot down one Israeli jet and one missile...

    The reported attacks were launched on Tuesday morning, the Syrian statement, broadcast on state television, said. The alleged attacks targeted Syrian military sites located in the al-Qutaifa area near Damascus. The statement said the Israeli warplanes fired at the targets in Syria from inside Lebanon’s airspace, while the missiles were launched from the occupied Golan Heights.

    Israel would not immediately comment on the report, though it has a long record of attacking targets inside Syria which, it claims, is necessary to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. The group, which is perceived in Israel as a proxy of its nemesis, Iran, has been supporting the Syrian government in the multifaceted conflict, which has been gripping Syria since 2011. A senior Israeli military official disclosed last August that the nation’s air force had struck targets in Syria some 100 times.

    The Syrian statement said Israel’s attack was aimed at supporting terrorist forces, to bolster them after advances of the Syrian army.

  3. Le forze aeree israeliane hanno sferrato molteplici attacchi missilistici contro diversi obiettivi militari siriani: sono stati registrati danni materiali; lo si afferma in una dichiarazione del comando dell'esercito siriano...

    Secondo i militari siriani, la contraerea è riuscita ad intercettare diversi missili e a colpire un aereo israeliano. Altri razzi sono caduti vicino ad una delle strutture militari siriane provocando danni materiali.

    "L'aviazione nemica israeliana oggi alle 2.40 ha lanciato diversi razzi dal territorio libanese in direzione del distretto Qutifah di Damasco. La nostra difesa ha intercettato alcuni missili ed ha colpito uno degli aerei," — si afferma in un comunicato dell'esercito siriano.

    I militari siriani hanno aggiunto che l'aviazione israeliana alle 4.15 dell'orario locale ha lanciato altri 4 missili dalla regione israeliana di Tiberiade. La contraerea siriana li ha intercettati, un missile è stato distrutto e gli altri sono caduti vicino ad una delle strutture militari.


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