Thursday, February 1, 2018

Following Abbas’ Urging, Slovenia Likely to Recognize State of Palestine

Slovenia Likely to Recognize State of Palestine
The Foreign Affairs Committee of Slovenia’s National Assembly will soon vote on a draft resolution to recognize Palestine as a self-determining state. Should it pass, it will then go before the full Parliament in either March or April - and it is expected to pass.

Slovenian leadership has been seen as divided on the issue. Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec has been a vocal proponent of Palestinian statehood, saying that Slovenian recognition would "strengthen Palestine's negotiation in the Middle East peace process." He also reportedly told Israeli Ambassador Eyal Sela that the recognition was "inevitable."

Slovenian President Borut Pahor, whose position is mostly ceremonial, came out against the declaration. He told AFP on Friday that he would only back such a move "in circumstances that would contribute to the solution of its bilateral issues with Israel but not to the worsening of relations," which is the outcome he foresaw from the prospective recognition.

Numerous EU countries have passed laws recognizing Palestinian statehood, among them France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. But those were non-binding resolutions, outside of the scope of those Parliaments, less a formal recognition and more a letter of support.

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