Sunday, February 4, 2018

Russia Must Find Out Where Syrian Militants Got MANPADS That Downed Su-25

Downed Su-25
Russian lawmakers called for a thorough investigation on the origins of the man-portable missile launcher that was likely used by militants in Syria to shoot down a Russian fighter jet before killing the pilot in a firefight.

"Certainly, we will investigate, including a great many things: from the type of the MANPADS [man-portable air defense system] to the circumstances of the Su-25 downing," Frants Klintsevich, First Deputy chair of Russia's Federal Council Defense Committee, told Interfax.

He hopes that evidence will be available due to the "abundance of UAVs and space surveillance in the area."

As far as military losses go, "the loss of one aircraft is nothing, but politically it has great significance and far-reaching consequences," Klintsevich said.

Other lawmakers are concerned about how the militants could have acquired the anti-aircraft weapon.

"We have information that the MANPADS used to bring down our jet was brought into Syria from a neighboring country several days ago," MP Dmitry Sablin, coordinator of the Russia-Syria parliamentary friendship group, told Interfax.

"Countries from whose territory weapons arrive, that are then used against Russian servicemen, must understand that whis will not go unpunished," he added.

Deputy Head of the State Duma Defense Committee, Yury Shvytkin, told RIA he is inclined to believe that the "MANPADS' origins are linked with Western countries".

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  1. Die tragbare Flugabwehrrakete, mit der ein russisches Kampfflugzeug Su-25 in der syrischen Provinz Idlib abgeschossen wurde, könnte aus einem ukrainischen Munitionsdepot stammen, mutmaßt Igor Morosow, einst Mitarbeiter des russischen Auslandsgeheimdienstes SWR und heute Mitglied des Föderationsrates (Parlamentsoberhaus).
    „Im Herbst hat es in dem Munitionslager in Kaliniwka einen Brand mit solch katastrophalen Folgen gegeben, dass selbst ukrainische Amtspersonen es nicht ausgeschlossen haben, dass der Brand absichtlich verursacht wurde, um den Diebstahl von Hunderten Waffen zu verbergen, die dann ohne Wissen ukrainischer Behörden über verschiedene Schmuggellieferungen zu syrischen Terroristen gelangt sein konnten“, äußerte Morosow.


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