Tuesday, February 27, 2018

US, UK Seeking to Cover Up Saudi Crimes in Yemen: Iran’s UN Envoy

US, UK Seeking to Cover Up Saudi Crimes in Yemen
Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam Ali Khoshroo condemned a recent failed UK-proposed resolution against Iran at UN Security Council, noting that London and Washington are seeking to cover up Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen by drafting such resolutions.

The US and the UK drafted the anti-Iranian resolution at the UN in an attempt to deflect the international community's attention away from the war crimes being committed by the Saudi regime in Yemen, Khoshroo said in a statement on Monday.

On Monday, Russia vetoed the resolution that would have pressured Iran over allegations of violating an arms embargo on Yemen.

The text, strongly supported by the United States, won 11 favorable votes at the 15-member Security Council but was blocked by Russia's veto.

China and Kazakhstan abstained, while Bolivia also voted against the measure.

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  1. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araqchi dismissed as "biased" Washington's allegations of supplying Yemen with missiles, and underlined that Tehran will continue its policies in the region.
    "I think that the biased nature of these allegations and the method for regulating expert reports of the Commission of Inquiry on Yemen and the UN Security Council is fully clear," Araqchi told reporters on the sidelines of a forum in Tehran on Tuesday.


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