Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Syrian state TV reports missile attack near Homs targeting Shayrat airbase

Shayrat airbase
Syrian state television has reported a missile attack near Homs targeting Shayrat airbase.

The report said Syrian air defences responded and shot down the missiles - it did not say who might have fired them.

The US Defence Department has said there was no US missile activity in the area at the time and an Israeli military spokesman said he was "not aware of such an incident."

In April last year, Shayrat airbase was targeted by US Tomahawk cruise missiles in a strike ordered by President Donald Trump in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on Khan Sheikhun in Idlib in north-western Syria.

Soon after last night's Syrian state TV report, the Pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia said Syrian air defences had intercepted three missiles aimed at Dumair military airport north east of Damascus.

Syrian state media made no mention of the strike on Dumair.
***According to yet unconfirmed reports, the missiles entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon, which may indicate that the Israeli Air Force could have been involved, Al-Masdar News reports, citing a military source. The outlet’s reporter also published several videos allegedly showing the launch of interceptor missiles.


  1. Удар по базам ВВС Сирии: жертв и разрушений нет, все ракеты уничтожены...

    Силам ПВО Сирии удалось отразить атаки на базы ВВС. Жертв и разрушений нет. Такие данные сообщил арабский спутниковый телеканал "Аль-Маядин".
    Аэродромы Шайрат и Тифор не пострадали. Силы противовоздушной обороны сбили все вражеские ракеты, передает РИА Новости.
    Ранее в понедельник, 16 апреля, сирийское национальное агентство SANA сообщило, что система ПВО Сирии отразила ракетные удары в районе Хомса. По данным источника в армии САР, на подлете к аэродрому были сбиты около 10 ракет.
    В свою очередь представитель Пентагона заявил СМИ, что Соединенные Штаты Америки не проводят никаких военных операций в районе военной базы Шайрат ВВС Сирии.

    1. Several sources in Syria said the overnight deployment of anti-aircraft weapons at a military base was triggered by a false alarm, not an actual missile attack, as previously claimed by some media outlets...

      Syrian TV earlier reported a missile attack on Shayrat Airbase in Homs governorate, while a Lebanese media outlet with links to militant group Hezbollah said a separate attack targeted Al-Dumair base northeast of Damascus. Multiple sources now show the reports were inaccurate.

      The Syrian news agency SANA cited a military source, who said anti-aircraft missiles were fired overnight after a false intrusion alarm. It was consequently established that no new attacks on Al-Dumair base happened.

      A similar report came from a Reuters source in the regional pro-government military alliance. The commander, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the false alarm was caused by an Israeli-US cyber warfare operation, but didn’t provide any proof.

      Meanwhile, a Russian military source told Interfax news agency that there was no night incident at Shayrat Airbase.

    2. Au matin du 17 avril, les médias publics syriens avaient rapporté que la défense aérienne syrienne avait intercepté une dizaine de missiles au-dessus de la région de Homs. L'agence Sana a ensuite évoqué une fausse alerte.

      «Une fausse alerte concernant une violation de l'espace aérien durant la nuit a entraîné le déclenchement des sirènes de la défense aérienne», a déclaré l'agence officielle syrienne Sana le 17 avril en fin d'après-midi, citant une source militaire. «Il n'y a pas eu d'attaque extérieure sur la Syrie», précise-t-elle.


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