Thursday, April 26, 2018

West Unconcerned by Destiny of People in Aleppo, Eastern Ghouta

West Unconcerned by Destiny of People in Aleppo, Eastern Ghouta
The Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov stated that Western countries lost interest in the destiny of residents of Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta after terrorists had been driven out of both localities.

"We are surprised by the following fact. When the Syrian armed forces were liberating Aleppo or Eastern Ghouta from terrorists, the international community virtually went crying loud that a humanitarian catastrophe was allegedly unfolding there. This was as long as militants were there. But once the issue was resolved nobody cared about the future of Syrians who had been living and continue to live there," he said on Wednesday, TASS reported.

"Today conditions in Aleppo are gradually, albeit slowly, improving, with electricity and water supplies being restored, schools and hospitals reopening," Chizhov added.

"The image is quite different in Raqqa where virtually no building was left intact after the air and artillery attacks by the US-led coalition," he said, adding that "Life conditions there are indeed unbearable: whole city areas are still mined causing death every day, there is no water, no electricity."

Chizhov indicated, however, that the ordeals of the people living in Raqqa did not catch much attention in the West until very recently.

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