Thursday, May 3, 2018

Civilians' Uprising Suppressed by US-Backed Kurds in Raqqa

Civilians' Uprising Suppressed by US-Backed Kurds in Raqqa
The US-backed Kurdish forces in Raqqa suppressed rallies held by the civilians in the region against the presence of American military men.

Local sources in Raqqa reported on Thursday that tens of civilians residing in Central Raqqa were attacked by the Kurdish forces after staging protest rallies against the US military presence in the region.

They underlined heightened tensions between Raqqa residents and the Kurdish forces, noting that 7 civilians were arrested during the rallies.

Meantime, reports said that a number of Kurdish officials and commanders were killed amid intensified popular uprising in Raqqa.

Also reports from Hasaka province said that one of the Kurdish forces was killed by unknown assailants in the village of Tal Jamal near Qamishli.

In a relevant development earlier this week, a commander of the US-backed Kurdish forces in Raqqa was assassinated as tensions have increased between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and civilians in the region.

The Arabic-language al-Manar news channel reported on Monday that one of the SDF commanders was killed by unknown assailants near the village of al-Jarniyeh in Northwestern Raqqa.

Meantime, the Kurdish forces attacked the village of Na'em al-Jallad East of the town of Tal Homs in Northeastern Raqqa to detain one of their defected militants, indiscriminately firing bullets to create horror among people.

The Kurdish militias' recent forced recruitment in Raqqa has also led to clashes between them and the civilians.

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