Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Israeli Army Hits Hamas Target with Tank Fire

Gaza Strip rafah israel
An Israeli army tank fired Tuesday on an outpost belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip in response to what it said was a number of fires set by Palestinians who crossed from Gaza into occupied territories in the early morning hours, local media reports said.

According to the Israeli army, a group of about ten Palestinians approached the border fence near Rafah and managed to cut through the fence and reach an outpost set up for Israeli snipers due to recent border protests dubbed “the Great March of Return”.

The outpost was empty at the time and the Palestinians managed to set it on fire. Afterwards, they returned to Gaza.

The army claimed they were aware of the event as it was happening, however, it is unclear why the army would permit them to cross and damage the outpost. This is not the first time Palestinians have successfully crossed the border.

Meanwhile, Palestinians opened fire on Israeli cars in the West Bank early Tuesday. No one was hurt in the incident, which took place near Ramallah.

A manhunt is currently underway in search of the shooters, the Israeli army said.

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