Monday, May 28, 2018

M5S considering Mattarella impeachment

Sergio Mattarella
5-Star Movement (M5S) bigwigs are considering a bid to impeach President Sergio Mattarella after he rejected Paolo Savona's nomination to be the new economy minister, sources said Sunday.

    The anti-establishment movement is referring to Article 90 of the Constitution, the sources said. This states that "the President is not responsible for the actions performed in the exercise of his duties, except for high treason and violation of the Constitution, for which the President can be impeached by the Parliament in joint session, with an absolute majority of its members".

The Article 90 said that the president of Italy was not responsible for performance of his presidential duties except in the case of “high treason or violation of the Constitution.” 


  1. Leader of Italian party Lega Matteo Salvini has demanded President Sergio Mattarella call new parliamentary elections after the latter's refusal to support the list of potential government members proposed by the prime ministerial candidate Giuseppe Conte, supported by Lega as well as the Five Star Movement (M5S).

  2. Italian President Sergio Mattarella has used a shady pretext to turn down a Euro-skeptic coalition pick for economy minister, as he seeks to mold a cabinet after own political views, an MP from the coalition told RT.
    Manlio Di Stefano, an MP from the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement (M5S), which has teamed up with Lega Nord in a parliament, argued that it was Mattarella’s fault that Sunday did not bring a much-desired end to the two-month long post-election stalemate. Mattarella on Sunday rejected the candidacy of former industry minister and a distinguished economist, Paolo Savona, who was suggested by the coalition to fill the post of the minister of economy.

    “I asked for a figure, who would mean not risking an exit from the euro,” Mattarella explained, citing Savona’s Euro-sceptic remarks.

    Stefano argued that Mattarella has gone well beyond his powers by rejecting Savona’s candidacy based on his political views.


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