Friday, June 15, 2018

UAE Asks US, France for Military Help in Yemeni Port Hodeidah

UAE Asks US, France for Military Help in Yemeni Port
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) asked the United States and France this week to provide the Saudi-led offensive on a Yemeni port with military assistance, media reported.

The United States rejected the UAE request for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support as well as minesweepers, which will be provided by France, َSputnik quoted a senior UAE official telling to CNN.

The news network said minesweeper ships were needed to clear mines, planted by the Yemeni revolutionary forces, from al Hodeidah, a lifeline port that has been used to bring in vital supplies to the starving population of partially blockaded Yemen.

The offensive by the Saudi-led coalition of mostly Persian Gulf Arab states was announced on Wednesday. Its stated goal is to end a stalemate in the four-year conflict, while the United Nations has warned a disruption will acerbate human suffering.

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