Saturday, July 14, 2018

Thousands protest in Barcelona for release of Catalan leaders

Thousands protest in Barcelona
Thousands of Catalans have protested in Barcelona for the release of separatist leaders held over their role in the region's secession bid and the return of those who fled abroad into self-exile.

Catalonia's pro-independence president Quim Torra took part in the march just a day after he met Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez, with both pledging to ease tensions even if their positions on self-determination remain very different.

"Every minute that our prisoners are in prison and aren't at home with their family, with their friends is a real political indecency and we won't allow it," Mr Torra said before the march set off early this evening.

The protest comes after nine Catalan leaders who were being held near Madrid were transferred to prisons in Catalonia closer to home, in a bid by Madrid to further calm the situation.

But for protesters this was not enough.

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