Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Beijing Reportedly Fires 2 Missiles Into South China Sea in 'Warning' to US

 South China Sea
China fired two missiles into the South China Sea on Wednesday in an act of "warning" to the United States after a US spy plane intruded its army's no-fly airspace, a source close to the Chinese military told the South China Morning Post newspaper.

"This is China’s response to the potential risks brought by the increasingly frequent incoming US warplanes and military vessels in the South China Sea," the source said, as quoted in the report, adding "China doesn’t want the neighbouring countries to misunderstand Beijing’s goals."

The missiles included a DF-26B dual-capability missile, launched from the northwestern Qinghai province, and a DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile, launched from the eastern coastal Zhejiang province...

According to the source, both were fired into an area between Hainan province and the Paracel Islands.
On Tuesday, the Chinese Defence Ministry said that a U-2 US reconnaissance aircraft entered restricted airspace where the Chinese army fired live ammunition.

The intrusion purportedly disrupted a regular military exercise and violated the international norms of the safe sea and air conduct.

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  1. China's MoD Says Recent Drills Don't Target Any Country...

    The day before, the South China Morning Post reported that the country's military had fired two missiles, including an “aircraft-carrier killer”, into the South China Sea on the morning of August 26, "sending a clear warning to the United States”.

    The Chinese Defence Ministry stated on Thursday that its recent drills don't target any country.

    Over the course of August, China has conducted a series of drills in the South China Sea region. Most recently, the country fired two missiles into the South China Sea in an act of "warning" to the United States after a US spy plane trespassed into it army's no-fly airspace....SPUTNIK


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