Monday, August 10, 2020

Greece warns Turkey of readiness to ‘defend its sovereign rights’

The Greek Foreign Ministry announced that Athens urged Turkey on Monday, to stop illegal actions in the eastern Mediterranean, and that these activities are provocative and undermine peace and security in the region.

The Greek Foreign Ministry statement said in a statement reported by Reuters: “Greece will not accept blackmail. We will defend its sovereign rights.”

On Monday, the Turkish Navy issued a navigational notification saying that the Turkish vessel “Oruc Reis ” will conduct seismic surveys in the eastern Mediterranean during the next two weeks.

Reuters reported that this step is likely to renew tension with Greece, which is a partner member in NATO, noting “that the two countries are at odds over the overlapping demands for oil and gas resources in the region.”

Turkey also announced a “maritime warning” to mark the start of the “Oruc Reis ” ship of research and exploration operations in the Mediterranean until 23 August, according to the state-owned TRT channel.

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  1. The Cypriot media announced the arrival of two French Rafale fighters, in addition to a C-130H support plane, to the island of Cyprus, in what they said was a French message addressed to Turkey.

    The “Defense-Point.Gr” news portal, which specializes in military affairs in Greek, said that France, by sending the three military aircraft, sent a clear message to Turkey.

    It reported that the two French fighter and support aircraft landed yesterday afternoon at the Andreas Papandreou Air Base in the Paphos region and will remain on the island for several days, within the framework of the military agreement between France and Cyprus, which was activated recently, and will carry out flights over the island.

    In 2017, France and Cyprus signed a joint defense agreement, which was activated early this


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