Thursday, September 10, 2020

Leaders of EU Mediterranean States Support Expansion of Sanctions Against Turkey

Leaders of EU Mediterranean States Support Expansion of Sanctions Against Turkey
The summit of the seven Mediterranean countries of the European Union (EU-Med) expressed full support and solidarity with Cyprus and Greece in the face of Turkey's confrontational actions, and also proposed expanding sanctions against Ankara, according to the summit's declaration.

Aggravation of relations between Greece and Cyprus on the one side and Turkey on the other was one of the main issues on the agenda of the summit held in the city of Ajaccio in Corsica.

"We reiterate our full support and solidarity with Cyprus and Greece in the face of the repeated infringements on their sovereignty and sovereign rights, as well as confrontational actions by Turkey. We call upon all the countries in the region to abide by international law, in particular international law of the sea, and encourage all parties to resolve their disputes through dialogue and negotiation," the declaration, the text of which was circulated by the press service of the Greek Prime Minister, says.

The leaders of the seven countries welcomed the mediation efforts of the EU and Germany aimed at resuming the dialogue between Greece and Turkey on the issue of the maritime zone.

"In addition, we welcome the invitation by the Government of Cyprus to negotiate with Turkey, noting that delimitation of exclusive economic zones and continental shelf should be addressed through dialogue and negotiation in good faith, in full respect of international law and in accordance with the principle of good neighbourly relations," the document says.
EU-Med leaders regret that Turkey had not responded to repeated calls by the European Union to end its unilateral and illegal activities in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea."

"We maintain that in absence of progress in engaging Turkey into a dialogue and unless it ends its unilateral activities, the EU is ready to develop a list of further restrictive measures that could be discussed at the European Council on 24-25 September 2020," the declaration says.

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  1. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed concerns over tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean during his Saturday visit to Cyprus...

    "We remain deeply concerned by Turkey's ongoing operations surveying for natural resources in areas over which Greece and Cyprus assert jurisdiction in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Republic of Cyprus has the right to exploit its natural resources, including the right to hydrocarbons found in its territorial sea and its economic – exclusive economic zone", Pompeo said, as quoted by the US State Department.

    Pompeo stressed that regional cooperation is essential for energy security in the Eastern Mediterranean.

    "We also believe that the resources of Cyprus should be shared equitably among the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots communities", he said.


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