Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Region outraged at Fukushima water plan - Global Times

Regional countries have been outraged by Japan's potential move to discharge Fukushima contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean, which intensified over the weekend after a report saying that the 1 million ton of radioactive water could damage human DNA.

Observers said the issue will be a long-term factor in Asia-Pacific stability and become a barrier to economic and social exchanges. They urged Japan to enhance transparency on the Fukushima contaminated water and called for international cooperation at the government and non-government organization levels to review and supervise the condition of the nuclear plant.

The Japanese government is yet to decide whether to proceed with the plan to discharge the 1 million ton of water into the Pacific. In early September, Japan's environment minister Yoshiaki Harada said that to "release it into the ocean and dilute it" is the only solution, but the government postponed the decision on Friday.

The event drew global attention after Greenpeace, also on Friday, released a report on Fukushima, coming with the shocking finding that the radioactive isotope carbon-14 in the water that Japan is planning to dump "has the potential to damage human DNA."

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