Wednesday, November 11, 2020

An Urgent Call to Armenia’s Prime Minister |

The Armenian Nation is in horrifying shock.

The disastrous agreement—which the prime minister of the Republic of Armenia signed on his own after conducting secret negotiations—that leaves the enemy with territories it has stolen from Artsakh, has been publicized. At the same time he has also promised to surrender other regions and has accepted more humiliating conditions. This situation was foreshadowed days before, as a result of which opposition parties called on Mr. Pashinyan to leave his position on his own volition, so that in a moment of personal despair, a significant portion of the achievements of the past 30 years would not be conceded to the enemy.

Of course, it is impossible to not bow our heads to the sacred memory of the martyred soldiers and volunteers and not praise the dedication of the heroic soldiers, who continue to defend the border of the homeland with their lives.

What has happened, however, is simply an abominable self-destruction and a national tragedy.

Of course, it was anticipated that the prime minister would humbly ask for the Armenian people’s forgiveness for his actions, and would attempt, by accepting responsibility, to close the chapter of this great defeat of Artsakh’s fight for its survival, by having the people and history judge the fate of those paltry steps that have brought us to this tragedy.

But instead of expressing regret, Mr. Pashinyan chose to firmly hold on to his position and find fault everywhere except in himself. He preferred to fan the flames and, through hopeless justifications, he did not hesitate to sow further civil unrest. Instead of quietly leaving the government, he declared war on domestic “enemies.” By identifying these so-called “enemies” he sought to confuse people and divert their attention from the abhorrent reality.

Mr. prime minister, for the love of the people and the homeland, put an end to this unacceptable situation. Put the national interests above your personal one and, amicably leave the political arena.

Hagop Der Khachadourian
ARF Bureau Chairman

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  1. Thousands of people have joined a rally in the centre of Armenia's capital, Yerevan, after the prime minister agreed a peace deal to end six weeks of fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Seventeen opposition parties took part in the protest and dozens of people were arrested amid demands for the Armenian leader to resign.

    Under the Russian-brokered deal, Azerbaijan keeps areas it has captured.


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