Monday, November 9, 2020

Conflit au Nagorny Karabakh : la bataille pour la ville clé de Choucha continue - Belga

la ville clé de Choucha

Les combats pour le contrôle de la ville clé de Choucha au Nagorny Karabakh entre forces séparatistes arméniennes et armée azerbaïdjanaise continuent, a affirmé lundi le Premier ministre arménien Nikol Pachinian.

"Les combats pour Chouchi (nom arménien de Choucha) continuent", a-t-il écrit sur sa page Facebook, alors qu’un responsable séparatiste avait indiqué plus tôt que la ville était tombée, au lendemain d’une annonce en ce sens de l’Azerbaïdjan. Nikol Pachinian n’a pas donné d’autres précisions.

Un peu plus tôt, un porte-parole de la présidence de la république autoproclamée du Nagorny Karabakh avait annoncé sur Facebook que Choucha n’était plus sous contrôle arménien et que "l’ennemi approche Stepanakert", la capitale de la région.

"Nous devons admettre une série d’échecs qui nous hantent et que la ville de Chouchi n’est plus sous notre contrôle", a écrit Vahram Poghossian.


  1. Ethnic Armenian officials in Nagorno-Karabakh have said they are no longer in control of the enclave’s second-biggest city, hours after denying that Azeri forces have overrun the area.

    “We have to admit that a chain of failures still haunts us and the city of Shushi is completely out of our control,” Vahram Poghosyan, a spokesman for the ethnic Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh leader, said in a statement on his official Facebook page on Monday, adding that Azeri forces were closing in on the disputed region’s main city.

    “The enemy is on the outskirts of Stepanakert,” he said, “and the existence of the capital is already in danger.”

  2. The battles in defense of Shushi continued and intensified on Sunday with Artsakh Defense Army forces valiantly protecting the ancient Armenian city from aerial and ground attacks by Azerbaijani forces, who reportedly are being spurred by Turkish military units and Ankara-backed terrorist jihadists.

    Heavy, yet decisive, battles raged in and around Shushi, according to Armenia’s Defense Ministry representative Artsrun Hovhannisyan, who during his daily briefing on Sunday, said that by Monday a more definitive picture will emerge and the fight to defend Shushi will end with positive results.

    “Clashes are taking place inside and near Shushi. Our forces are skillfully and steadfastly fighting the battles. I can say that the battle for Shushi that has been going for the past three or four days will be over tomorrow. I don’t want to give an early prediction but I think tomorrow the battle for Shushi will be over,” Hovhannisyan, who declared, “victory to our heroes.”


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