Friday, December 4, 2020

Paris threatens to torpedo Brexit trade deal if French interests are not met, says Minister — RT

 The French European affairs minister has threatened to block a Brexit trade deal if the agreement reached by the negotiators does not reflect French interests, adding that Europe must prepare for the risk of a no-deal outcome.

Clement Beaune, France’s European Affairs Minister, told Europe 1 radio on Friday that Paris is not willing to accept a UK-EU trade deal on bad terms.

    I still hope that we can have an agreement, but we will not accept a bad agreement for France. If there was an agreement and it was not good, we would oppose it with a right of veto.

Beaune reiterated his hope that a deal can be reached between the UK and the European bloc but told the public to prepare for the very real risk that free movement and free access to the British market will end on December 31.

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  1. France knows that in any post-Brexit trade deal with Britain its fishermen will not maintain their current quotas for catches in British waters, but an accord must be founded on a “large and lasting” access, European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said.

    Beaune told the Journal de Dimanche that Britain could not on the one hand want access to the totality of the European Union’s single market but on the other set its own terms for fisheries.

    “We know that the days of full access to fish quotas in British territorial waters are over,” Beaune told the Sunday weekly. “But we must have a large and lasting access.”


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