Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Security Council fails to agree statement condemning Myanmar coup | Al Jazeera

The UN Security Council has failed to agree on a joint statement condemning Monday’s coup in Myanmar, after a closed-door meeting in response to the power grab and detention of the civilian government including the country’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi, but diplomats said discussions would continue.
The 15-member council was considering a UK-drafted statement that the United Nations’ envoy on Myanmar said should “collectively send a clear signal in support of democracy” in the country.

Christine Schraner Burgener briefed the council after the Myanmar military detained Aung San Suu Kyi and other top politicians in a series of early morning raids on Monday, and handed power to armed forces chief Min Aung Hlaing. It promised to hold new elections and imposed a state of emergency for one year.

“I strongly condemn the recent steps taken by the military and urge all of you to collectively send a clear signal in support of democracy in Myanmar,” Schraner Burgener told the council, according to her prepared remarks.

“Let us be clear, the recent outcome of the election was a landslide victory for the National League for Democracy (NLD),” she said. “The military’s proposal to hold elections again should be discouraged.”

The Security Council is negotiating a possible statement, drafted by Britain, that would condemn the coup, call for the military to respect the rule of law and human rights and immediately release those unlawfully detained, diplomats said. Such statements have to be agreed by consensus.

“China and Russia have asked for more time,” one diplomat told the AFP news agency following the behind-closed-doors video conference meeting that lasted just over two hours.

“A statement is still under discussion,” confirmed another diplomat, also on condition of anonymity.

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  1. China has blocked a UN Security Council statement condemning the military coup in Myanmar.

    The military took power in the South East Asian nation on Monday after arresting political leader Aung San Suu Kyi and hundreds of other lawmakers.

    The coup leaders have since formed a supreme council which will sit above the cabinet.

    In Myanmar's biggest city Yangon though, signs of resistance and civil disobedience have been growing.

    The United Nations Security Council met on Tuesday but failed to agree on a joint statement after China did not support it.

    A joint statement would have needed China's support which holds veto power as a permanent member of the (UN) Security Council.


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