Friday, April 2, 2021

Taiwan: At least 34 killed after train derails inside tunnel - BBC News

At least 34 people have died after a train carrying some 350 passengers derailed inside a tunnel in Taiwan.

Taiwan's Central Emergency Operation centre says rescuers are struggling to access four carriages inside the tunnel that are "badly damaged".

More than 72 people are injured said Reuters, quoting the local transport ministry.

The accident occurred at the start of the annual Tomb Sweeping festival, a typically high traffic period.


 Un tren se ha descarrilado este viernes en un túnel en el este de Taiwán, dejando decenas de muertos y heridos, informa Reuters, citando el Departamento de Bomberos local. El accidente tuvo lugar en el norte del condado de Hualien, ubicado en la montañosa costa este de la isla, considerado un popular destino turístico. El tren, con aproximadamente 350 personas a bordo, se descarriló provocando que algunos vagones golpearan la pared del túnel.


  1. At least 36 people were reported killed and dozens injured after a packed train derailed in a tunnel in eastern Taiwan on Friday morning, authorities said, in the worst train crash on the island in decades.

    The transport ministry said at least 72 passengers had been injured and sent to hospital while many remained trapped.

    Emergency services earlier reported “multiple persons with no vital signs” of life. The Central Emergency Operation Center said rescuers were trying to get to four carriages inside the tunnel that were badly damaged and difficult to access.

  2. Taiwan has suffered its worst rail disaster in decades, with 48 people reported killed and over a hundred others injured after a derailment inside a tunnel. A runaway construction crane has been blamed for the incident.

    Rescuers from the fire department have finished the operation at the Qingshui Tunnel in Hualien county, evacuating all people trapped inside it following the incident on Friday morning. It reported a total of 48 deaths in the disaster, including the train’s driver. One of the fatalities was reportedly pronounced dead in hospital rather than at the scene.....rt


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