Friday, May 28, 2021

Republicans block independent probe of US Capitol riot | Al Jazeera

Republicans block independent probe of US Capitol riot

Republicans in the United States Senate blocked a proposal to establish an independent commission to probe the January 6 attack by Trump supporters on the US Capitol.

A proposed bill, which seeks to create a commission modelled on the one that investigated the 2001 al-Qaeda attacks, failed a key procedural vote on Friday.

“We all know what’s going on here. Senate Republicans chose to defend the ‘Big Lie’ because they feared that anything that might upset Donald Trump could hurt them politically,” Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said after Friday’s vote.

On Thursday, Schumer pinned the riot directly on Trump saying, “Rather than accept the results of the election and support the peaceful transfer of power … former President Trump unabashedly lied, repeatedly, about the results of the election and fomented an armed rebellion, an armed rebellion at the United States Capitol.”

Republicans said they feared the commission was aimed at discrediting former President Trump and would be politically damaging for their party leading into the 2022 congressional elections.

“I’ve been clear and unflinching in my statements about January the 6th,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

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